Kenshin Ryu Karate



November 2019

Congratulations to Mia Lucas & Abbi Gleave, amazing results at the UWK Championships!

Mia Lucas - 2x silver 2x bronze

Abbi Gleave - 1 x Silver Medal

Club Grading

November 2019

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading yesterday. Some superb performances

Club Grading

September 2019

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading. Some superb performances. Well done everyone

NOC Competition

July 2019

Fantastic day at the NOC yesterday some seasoned competitors putting in superb performances, some returning and nailing it after 25 years away and some just getting on the mat and challenging themselves.

Super proud of everyone as always.

4 silver 🥈🥈🥈🥈

6 bronze 🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉

Thank you to everyone who supported the team and each other.

Congratulations to everyone who competed from the SSKA. Superb team performance 

Club Grading

July 2019

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading tonight. Some superb and pleasantly surprising performances tonight. Shows hard Work pays off

Mia Lucas 3rd in the WORLD!!!

June 2019


Competing at world class level at Bratislava in the World Championships she came 3rd! This is a massive achievement and we as a club are so proud of her! It has taken a lot of hard work and commitment but she has done it! 3rd in the WORLD!... Absolutely amazing!

SSKA England Squad

June 2019

Good luck to all members of the SSKA England squad competing in Bratislava this week at the 2019 World Championships.

Especially are own members , Sensei Garry, Sensei Hannah & Sensei Mia

In Club Competition

May 2019

Fantastic evening at the in club kata comp tonight raising money for our World competition squad going to Bratislava in June.

Students from all Kenshin Ryu clubs performed katas from 9th kyu to world standard kata, presided over by Sensei Dan Smethurst 6th Dan, Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews 3rd Dan and Sensei Garry Lucas 3rd Dan.

Thank you so much to everyone who came. Special thanks to Jane Axford and northern cast acrylics for the trophies. They were fantastic. Thanks to Louise , Rachel Gleave and Jim Axford for handling the table and running order.

Yet again so proud of the club and the ethos that runs through it.

Congratulations to the winning Team:

Team Hannah

Black Belt Grading SUCCESS!

We had 9 students take part in the Dan Grading with the SSKA.

The Dan Gradings are very hard tests that our students have to train long and hard for, our students have been training so hard so they dont just pass their grading but they pass it with the highest score that they can achieve.

All of our students passed their Dan grade with amazing scores! We as a club are so proud of them!

1st Dan Students

- David Highland (58 years old)

- Abbi Gleave (14 years old)

- James Asher (9 years old)

- Ryan Latham (10 years old)

- Oliver Lyons (13 years old)

- Alexander Lyons (14 years old)

- Lucy Appleton (13 years old)

2nd Dan Students

- Ben Latham (14 years old)

3rd Dan Students

- Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews (27 years old)

KENSHIN RYU Success again at the AKA Open Kata Championships

April 2019

Kenshin Ryu attended the AKA Open Kata Championships on the 27th April.

We took a squad of 6 students to the competition who all did really well in the competition with everyone coming in the top 6 in each category.

Some of our students also achieved medals in the competition.

Abbi - 2 x Silver & Bronze

Sensei Mia - Silver & Gold

Sensei Hannah - Silver

Jake - Silver

KENSHIN RYU achievement amazing success at the SSKA Open Kata Championships

March 2019

Our students did extremely well in the SSKA Open Kata Championships!

Our Club achieved a total of 13 medals at the competition!

Gold medals - 1

Silver medals - 4

Bronze medals - 8

A massive well done to all students who took part in the SSKA Competition! 

Kenshin Ryu visit The CAT FM Radio Station

March 2019

Sensei Natasha-Paris and Clare visited The Cat Radio station to take part in there Sunday show.
Sensei Natasha-Paris and Clare spoke on the radio about karate and the benefits of practicing Karate. We spoke about our clubs success in competitions and the up and coming competitions that our club will be attending! 

Club Grading

March 2019

Congratulations to all those who graded today!

100% pass rate AGAIN!



January 2019

The squad we took to the KKO Open Championships:

COACH - Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews

COACH - Sensei Garry Lucas













January 2019

Congratulations for Sensei Mia Lucas, Sensei Hannah Lucas and Abbi Gleave for medaling at the KKO Championships!

Sensei Mia Lucas - Bronze - KATA

TEAM KUMITE - Sensei Mia, Sensei Hannah & Abbi - GOLD MEDAL!

Also congratulations to all of our squad who competed at the KKO Championships, you all did extremely well and did the club proud! 


January 2019

First SSKA squad training of 2019!


November 2018

Congratulations Sensei Dan for achieving your 6th Dan ranking!

An absolutely amazing achievement! 

Club Grading

November 2018

Another 100% pass rate at our club grading! We had 15 students grading from white belt to 1st Kyu!

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all who graded. 

Club Grading

November 2018

Another 100% pass rate at our club grading! We had 15 students grading from white belt to 1st Kyu!

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all who graded. 


November 2018

Congratulations Sensei Mia Lucas who achieved a bronze medal at the UWK Championships in Kata!

AKA Kata Competition

September 2018

Well done to our squad who entered the AKA Kata Competition!

A massive well done to Abbi Gleave-Mayers & Mia Lucas who both got a bronze medal! 

Club Grading

September 2018

Congratulations to everyone who was successful in passing their grading today!

Taylor Eves-Grierson 9th kyu ( highest mark)

Harvey Eves-Grierson 9th kyu

Michael Gregson 7th kyu

Tom Rowley 7th kyu

Tobias France 6th kyu

Rob Clarkson 5th kyu

Thomas Davenport 3rd kyu

Today was a top up grading for those who couldn’t grade before summer.

Next grading at the end of October so keep up the practice 


August 2018

Brilliant first squad with the SSKA lead by Sensei Paul Graham .. thank you for making us feel so welcome... well done and thank you to everyone who attended from the club.. superb effort everyone

We are Happy to announce that we are now members of the Shukokai Shito Ryu Karate Alliance (SSKA)

August 2018

In August 2018 Kenshin Ryu joined the established and successful SSKA. Alignment with this association provides our members with new opportunities to compete internationally and develop their karate to a new level. The SSKA maintain the values of traditional karate which are very important to the club and its members and we are very excited about the new opportunities that this will create for individual students and for Kenshin ryu.