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Kenshin Ryu Club News

An ongoing series of informational entries

Grading Success

March 27, 2013

Congratulations to:

Callum Drinkwater - 9th kyu

Joseph Smethurst - 9th kyu

Ben Green - 8th Kyu

Ben Latham - 7th kyu

Amie Gault - 7th kyu

Kamran Nafisi - 7th kyu

Oliver Nafisi - 7th kyu

Ali Nafisi - 7th kyu

James Barlow - 5th Kyu

WUKF European Championships - UK - REPORT from Sensei Dan

October 16, 2013

Well what can I say, we are now two days since the World Union of Karate Federations European championships in Sheffield and im and just about getting feeling back in my feet!

Just to give you an idea of the scale of this comp

1652 competitors including all the current European placed karateka ( karate practitioners)

21 countries

80 referees

105 competitors from the SKU

10 coaches from the SKU

5 from Northwich


Thursday started at 6am getting ready to leave to be in Sheffield by 8:30. Checking that I had everything with me to ensure we could register the competitors.

Upon arrival everyone had started to gather and there was a sense of nervous anticipation. The coaches had a brief with lead coach sensei Mo Illyas and then a brief with Sensei Knighton

3pm was time to register and its fair to say this was a long process

5:30 and with everyone gathered in the holding area we proceeded to line everyone up for the opening ceremony. The atmosphere was electric, all the different countries trying to out chant each other

Walking out to the arena , flags waving, crowd cheering is something i will remember forever, it was like being at the Olympic opening ceremony, for us it meant just as much

We were addressed by the president and duly milked the moment out there,

Friday: Day 1 of the active competition

This was eliminations day for Kata, with eve , Aaron and Anthony all in action. Eve`s category went through to the final where she gained a very impressive 4th in Europe. Well done Eve

Aaron and Anthony were in the same category as each other which i had not realised! They did well in the first round and got through to the final on Sunday

For me i spent all but 2 hours in the warm up room...loonnnggg day.

Sunday: Finals day

Sunday started with a march of the finalists and then we were into the thick of it.

Aaron and Anthony were doing Kata. Anthony performed and did enough to take the lead, but was unfortunately beaten by an Italian and fellow English competitor from another association

Aaron performed brilliantly but just at the end slipped which cost him a few marks and slip 0.1 behind Anthony and eventually ended up 4th . by my reckoning he had a shot at silver. Superb performance

Anthony duly got the bronze medal and was well deserved for all the effort he has put in over the years doing kata in competition. 3rd in Europe...superb

Kenshin ryu and Koshido Ryu Adhoc training on the beach.

May/June Round up

Congratulations to Ian Arrowsmith on Attaining his Black belt. Well deserved.

November 2014

Congratulations to Emelia Drinkwater and Alex Green on Attaining their Black belt. Well deserved.


December 2014

Congratulations to Ben Latham for getting Student of the Year Award (Cadet) & Emeila Drinkwater for getting Student of the Year Award (Adult) and to Natasha-Paris Matthews for getting the Kenshin Ryu Dedication Award.

National Competitions

January 2015

A BIG WELL DONE to Megan Hilton, Tilly Hilton and Ben Latham for taking part in the competition, you all made Kenshin Ryu very proud.

Grading Success 

April 2015

Club Grading

Congratulations to everyone that graded!... You all did really well and all got some VERY good high scores!

Students that Graded

Callum Fearn - 9th Kyu, Amy Fearn - 9th Kyu,

Ryan Preston - 9th Kyu, Olaf Motulewski - 9th Kyu,

Megan Hilton - 6th Kyu Matilda Hilton - 6th Kyu

Alex Cliff - 5th Kyu Nathan Cliff - 5th Kyu

Amy Gault - 4th Kyu James Thacker - 4th Kyu

Dan Grading - New 3rd Dan

May 2015

A MASSIVE well done to Anthony Robson for passing his 3rd Dan black belt grading! He scored an amazing 73/100!


Club Photo Shoot

June 2015

Club Photo Shoot

On the 21st June we invited "I Am Famous" Photographers down to the club to set up an in club photo shoot. The "I Am Famous" photographers specialise in Material Art Photography and come down to most Martial Art Events.

The photo shoot was a massive success and a very fun event for all students and sensei's.

Club Grading

July 2015

Another fantastic grading!

Congratulations to everyone that graded! You all passed your grading and all had a very strong grading!... A massive WELL DONE to Oliver Wade who is now a 1st Kyu and will now be training for this Black Belt! Hopefully another new Black Belt for the club soon!

Students that Graded

Ryan Latham - 8th Kyu

Matthew Wragge - 8th Kyu

Katie Harper - 8th Kyu

Sophie Harper - 8th Kyu

Ben Latham - 2nd Kyu

Oliver Wade - 1st Kyu

Club Grading

September 2015

A very good grading from cadets in both the Northwich and Crewe club. All cadets put 100% into their grading and some even surprised Sensei Dan & Sensei Natasha. A Big Well Done to all Cadets!

Students that graded

Megan Hilton - 5th Kyu        Olaf Motulewski - 8th Kyu

Matilda Hilton - 5th Kyu       Ryan Preston - 8th Kyu

Lucas Rogers - 7th Kyu         Mika Powell - 9th Kyu

The SKU British Open Competition

October 2015

The SKU Open was held on the 11th October in Sheffield. It was a very successful event with hundreds of competitors entering to compete in Kumite and Kata.

We had 3 students representing Kenshin Ryu in the British Open.

Ben Latham competed in Kumite and unfortunately missed out on a medal but he fought extremely well.

Megan Hilton competed in Kata and performed Annanku perfectly unfortunately she missed out on a medal and came 7th.

Matilda Hilton competed in Kumite and fought the best that Sensei Natasha has seen her fight. She fought to competitors in a row and just missed out on 1st place by 1 point. She was awarded a Silver Medal by Sensei Stan Knighton (9th Dan). A MASSIVE well done to Matilda!

All Students did very well and made Kenshin Ryu very proud of them!

Club Grading

November 2015

Another fantastic grading with all students scoring high marks to achieve a belt and tab. All students are coming on leaps and bounds with one of our students Ben Keeble who is now a 1st Kyu Brown Belt and will be now training for his black belt!

A big well done everyone!! 

SKA Karate Competition Liverpool 

January 2016

This was another long day, like last year, which required patience and restraint in some cases. Megan was our first student up and performed the best she has ever in her current category ending up joint 5th out of 17 competitors. Tilly, always keen to fight and never disappoints me with her enthusiasm and guts fought really well, unfortunately the referees on the area were average at best and she had to pull out after taking a hit to the head and to the throat (both not allowed in children’s fighting and not something you would see go un-punished at the SKU competitions) Next up was Ben who did a solid job with his kata but was in a field very heavy with senior grades. In his fighting he performed the best I have ever seen him fight, standing his ground and not letting his opponent ( a World and European silver and gold medallist) get the better of him, in fact Ben was beating him but due to penalties his score was wiped and only lost in first one to score (encho sen) with 4 seconds to go. An outstanding performance. 2 of our new blackbelts Hannah and Mia who have been welcomed into our club family , entered their first competition with us, still making adjustments to our way of doing things did a solid job in both fighting and kata, there is much much more to come from them…well done

Well done to everyone who entered, as ever im proud to call you my students and you did a great job of representing the club and the Shukokai Karate Union.

Congratulations Ben Latham

February 2016

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS TO BEN LATHAM, his school held a competition called Rudheaths Got Talent and Ben won the Talent Competition by showing his school his talent in Karate! 

Bag Pack at Morrison's in Crewe

February 2016

 In June 2016 Kenshin Ryu and other clubs in the SKU association are competing in the World Championship's in Dublin! We as a club together with Koshido Ryu Sandbach have been trying to raise money to help send our students to Dublin to compete in the World Championships.

Unfortunately we don't get any funding to help send our students to competitions so as you can imagine it can become quite costly for the parents and students to enter the competition, flights, accommodation and other expenses.

One way we have tried to raise some money is to bag pack for customers in Morrisons Crewe on the 14th February. It was a long day bag packing from 11am until 3pm but all worth it as we managed to raise an amazing amount of money!

The total raised on the day was £512.09!

Congratulations Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews

February 2016

Well done to Sensei Natasha for passing her referees course on Sunday, just the practical to go now. As a club we now have 4 qualified SKU officials which I know the chief Referee is incredibly impressed with for a medium size club.

AMA International Open Competition

March 2016

Our Students competed at the AMA International Open Championships. We saw great performances from our students, with many of them narrowly missing out on the finals, showing just how far they've come in the last few months! This high level competition was a fantastic way to gain experience ready for the World Championships

Students who competed in this competition were Megan Hilton, Matilda Hilton and Ben Latham.

Club Grading

March 2016

Club Grading

Once again another impressive grading with all 6 students passing! We had 3 new beginners who passed their grading and are now red belts, 1 student on his second grading and earning himself a yellow belt, another student passing and now moves up to a middle grade as a green belt and ANOTHER student passing and can now add another tab onto his brown belt to make him a 1st Kyu and is now going to be grading for his Black Belt!!


Jasmine Gleave-Pollit - 9th Kyu

Alex Lyons - 9th Kyu

Oliver Lyons - 9th Kyu

Mika Porwoll - 8th Kyu

Ryan Latham - 6th Kyu

Ben Latham - 1st Kyu

In Club Kata Competition

March 2016

In March we held are first In Club Kata Competition which was a massive success! In total there was 19 students who competed in our competition, they were split into 2 teams which was Team A and Team B. Each students performed a kata of their choice in front of Sensei Dan, Sensei Natasha, Sensei Ian and Sensei Anthony, once the student had performed their kata they would be given a score and this when you go towards the teams total score. At the end of the night all the scores were added up and the Team that came 1st was......      TEAM A.  

Congratulations Sensei Anthony Robson

March 2016

Congratulations to Sensei Anthony who is now joining Sensei Natasha-Paris as Club Coach! His roll will be to help coach students in the club that are competing in competitions and to also help coach our students at the competitions.

Club Grading

April 2016

Congratulations to those who graded!! Yet again another perfect grading with everyone doing themselves proud and getting high scores! We had 2 beginners entering into their first grading and are now Red Belts, one of our students entering into his 2nd grading being given his well deserved Yellow belt and last but not least 2 of our students passing with flying colours and getting their purple belt (not long now until black belt!) 


April 2016

Congratulations to Sensei Anthony

April 2016

Congratulations to Sensei Anthony he has now qualified to be a SKU JUDGE.


June 2016

Day One Wednesday 15th June

Wednesday was arrivals day for most competitors with the bulk of the SKU competitors due to fly/float in today. After a family trip to the zoo, i organised a training session for the Kenshin/koshido ryu (KKR) squad later in the day.

We trained kata and some fighting just to dust the cobwebs off and get rid of a few nerves for about 1 hour and then went back to our families for the rest of the day. Some SKU members meeting up in the bar later to sample some of the local delicacies. The hotel was absolutely full of people lirretally from all over the world. 2200 competitors in total were arriving in this suburb of Dublin.

Day Two Thursday 16th June

Today was the first day where official activities were to take place. The first was a KKR squad meal at a local eating establishment. Swiftly afterwards was back to the hotel to rendezvous with the rest of the SKU England Squad to go through the process of registration. Historically this can be a long winded event however it was sorted quite quickly thanks to the SKU Gen Sec Sensei Craig Murphy pre-booking a lot of the information. A squad session was planned for later in the day. Sensei Peter and Myself lead the session for the KKR squad. Whilst conducting the session we noticed a group of what appeared to be Japanese business people were observing us. They were dressed in smart suits and spoke to us afterwards asking about what we were doing.( Much to my embarrassment I would later find out that these were all Japanese Karate Masters from Okinawa!!!! We were in the presence of karate royalty and we didn't realise. After the session we had the customary photographs and were photobombed firstly by the america refereeing contingent and then by the Shukokai Masters from Japan, who i still thought were Japanese business men. Oh well :-)

The next event of the day was the opening ceremony which was served up with traditional Irish craick. For all the competitors not least out squad it was a very special moment walking in to a packed arena, representing your country at a world championships. It was serious a goose bumps moment. I cannot describe my feelings at the this moment but i will remember them for ever! The night ended with the usual debrief but a sense of nervousness was in the air as the next day it would all start.........

Day Three Friday 17th June

Competition day 1

Every one was in action today. The SKU took 30 competitors out to Dublin with 5 Coaches..We would come to realise 5 was to enough.....

We were straight into action with multiple students on multiple mats. We soon established a system between the coaches to ensure we didn't miss anything. Tilly was up first from our club in her Kata category, initially performing Pinan Godan very well. She unfortunaltley was tied to get into the next round so she had to perform her contingency kata which took her through to the next round and the finals!!!. In the finals she performed Annanku and technically scored a joint 3rd however, as WUKF do not award joint 3rd the scores from the first round were untilled to get a full result which unfortunately pushed her down to 4th...but 4th IN THE WORLD!!!!

In quick succession Megan was up next in a massive category, performing pinion govan and just missing out by a few marks getting through to the last 12 but still and amazing performance.

Next up was Ben in a category of 61 competitors. He also performed Pinan Godan really well and also just missed out on the cut by a few marks. Superb performances from all 3. That was these 3 done for the day but then I was on coaching duties for the rest of the SKU. The days were long and i finally left the arena at 23:15 that night!!!

Day 4 Saturday 18th June

Competition day 2

Today was the start of the fighting. Again an 8:30 start with individual and team fights on the agenda. Tilly fought first but unfortunately the girl she fought had a good gyaku zuki. Tilly scored first which started my heart racing a little but unfortunately she got beat. Soon after was the 2 team rotation fights which in the first she fought well but in the second she didn't get to fight due to a misjudgement of time!

The rest of the day was spent coaching other SKU members but we were waiting for Bens category to come up ...we waited and waited and waited..........and finally once WUKF had decided to cancel all remaining categories that day he managed to get on at 9:30pm ish.... Very tired and weary he got caught out by a lad who had very long arms!!

Day 5: Sunday 19th June 2016

Finals Day

There was no one from Kenshin ryu through to finals day so this left me with a slightly easier day and chance to watch some of the finals. What I observed was some of the finest karate I've seen in my life and it was a pleasure to be present whilst it was performed. World champions were crowned and the whole event was a life influencing experience for everyone who took part. I am so proud of all 3 of our students. Ben, Megan and Tilly have represented there country in a world competition which isn't something a lot of people can say. Just getting out there and standing on the mat is an achievement in itself. I am so proud of them. Its been a long road to get them there but it was all worth it....heres to the next one!!!

Club Grading

July 2016

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading at kenshin Ryu

Tim Jones 9th kyu

Michael Forster 9th kyu

Lucy Appleton 8th kyu

Abby gleave- mayers 8th kyu

Eliana Teixeria 8th kyu

Alexander Lyons 8th kyu

Oliver Lyons 8th kyu

James Asher 8th kyu

Mika Porwoll 7th kyu

Lucas Rogers 6th kyu

Ryan Latham 5th kyu

Maia cooper 4th kyu

Rachel Keeble 2nd kyu

Sophie whitewood 2nd kyu


July 2016



July 2016

Our students competed in the Kenshin Karate Club competition at the Greenback sports academy in Liverpool, our students once again did us proud with some excellent kata and kumite! James Asher competed in Kata and got through to the finals and came 6th out of a group of 15, he then competed in Kumite for the first time and won is first fight but unfortunately lost his second fight by a point. Oliver Lyons competed in Kumite and fought really well unfortunately he lost his first fight but it is all practice ready for the open in October. Hannah Lucas competed in Kata and got through to the final with a excellent kata but unfortunately just missed out on a medal. She then competed in pairs kata with her sister Mia and they both performed a great kata both were in time and looking very sharp. Hannah then competed in Kumite and fought really well only losing her fight by a point! Mia Lucas competed in Kata and performed Suparinpei perfectly getting the highest score in the first round, she when performed seienchin which again was perfect and again got the highest score in the final round! she came first and was awarded a GOLD MEDAL. She then competed in Kumite and fought really well having to fight some not very pleasant people but she stood her ground and was awarded a BRONZE MEDAL which was very much deserved! A VERY WELL DONE TO EVERYONE THAT COMPETED!


October 2016


Another successful competition with all our competitors coming home with medals! A very well deserved victory!

Mia Lucas- gold - Kata

Hannah Lucas - bronze - Kata

Mia Lucas - silver - pairs Kata

Hannah Lucas -silver - pairs Kata

Megan Hilton - gold - pairs Kata

Tilly Hilton - bronze - Kata

Till Hilton - bronze - pairs Kata

James Asher - bronze - pairs Kata ,

James Asher - silver - individual Kata

James Asher - bronze - Kumite

Club Grading

October 2016

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading at kenshin Ryu

Hannah Ross -9th kyu

Charlie Ross - 9th kyu

Georgia Forster - 9th kyu

Alexander Lyons - 7th kyu

Oliver Lyons - 7th Kyu

Abby gleave-mayers - 7th kyu

Lucy Appleton - 7th kyu

James Asher - 6th Kyu

David highland - 5th kyu

Ryan Latham - 4th kyu

Megan Hilton - 3rd kyu

Tilly Hilton - 3rd kyu

Megan long ( Koshido Ryu KC) - 3rd kyu

Superb performances well done

SKU Competition Judge Award 

October 2016

Congratulations to Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews on being promoted to the rank of an SKU competition judge

Pictures of Sensei Stan Knighton 9th Dan presenting Sensei Natasha with her SKU Judge Award

Congratulations to Sensei Natasha

November 2016

Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews has now qualified to become a SKU grading officer.

To become a SKU Grading Officer you MUST attend 2 gradings and mock grade 14+ students with Sensei Stan Knighton 9th Dan (SKU Chief Instructor), mock grade with a qualified SKU grading officer in a grading with 14+ students and finally sit a test which you MUST have a minimum pass mark of 80%.


SKU Dan Grading! (GRADING PANEL - Sensei Damian 8th Dan - Sensei Stan 9th Dan - Sensei Mo 7th Dan)

November 2016

Congratulations to everyone who graded in the November Dan Grading, we had 4 students from Kenshin Ryu attend the SKU Dan Grading and we had 100% pass rate on the day! WELL DONE KENSHIN RYU. Our club prides itself on bringing excellent students up through the ranks and once at Dan grading level we have a very good reputation of having either the highest score on the day or the second highest score on the day! (this is normally out of a grading of 20+ students). The grading in November was no exception and one of our students came away with the 2nd highest score of the day!

Hannah Lucas - 2nd Dan

Emelia Drinkwater - 2nd Dan (2nd highest scorer of the day)

Ben Latham - 1st Dan

Ben Keeble - 1st Dan



January 2017

On the 29th January our karate club entered the Liverpool Open Championships. This is a big event which is run very well for both cadets and adults. The competitors on the day for Kenshin Ryu were Eliana Teixera, Hannah Lucas & Mia Lucas and the coach was Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews. All the girls did well on the day and both receiving great marks from the judges for Kata. Mia and Hannah also competed in Kumite with both of them fighting really well. Hannah just missed out on getting through to the next round but Mia Lucas her sister fought 3 times and ended up coming 3rd and being awarded a BONZE MEDAL! Well done girls!

Club Grading

February 2017

Congratulations to everyone who graded today! Yet again 100% pass mark on the day!

Michael Forster 8th kyu

Eliana Teixeria 7th kyu

Amy fearn 6th kyu

Callum fearn 6th kyu

Lucy Appleton 6th kyu

Abbi gleave-mayers 6th kyu

Alexander Lyons 6th kyu

Oliver Lyons 6th kyu

Joseph Smethurst 6th kyu

James Asher 5th kyu

David highland 4th kyu


March 2017

Kenshin Ryu teamed up with Koshido Ryu for a in club competition, all students were mixed together and separated into two teams (Team A & Team B). At the start of the night each team member came up onto the matt and performed a kata of their choice, after they had completed the kata the judges held up the score cards and all four judges scores were added together and then there total score got added to their teams total score. Once Kata has completed we moved onto Kumite, a member of Team A would be partnered up with a member of Team B. The team members were competed not only to win the fight but to also score as many points as possible to go towards their teams overall score.

At the end of the competition all the scores were added together and the WINNERS WERE TEAM A!



All competitors were awarded with either a gold or silver medal.

A photo gallery is below with all the photos from the night.


March 2017

Members of the club took part in the SKU Nationals. Some experienced competitors some new to it. As ever the club fared really well despite some really tough competition with a big haul of gold silver and bronze medals. Everyone gave 100% and it was invaluable experience for future events.

4 gold

9 silver

4 bronze


April 2017

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading at kenshin Ryu:

Georgia Forster 8th kyu

Abbi Gleave-Mayers 5th kyu

Lucy Appleton - 5th kyu

Oliver Lyons - 5th kyu

Alexander Lyons - 5th kyu

Lucas Rogers -5th kyu

James Asher - 4th kyu

Ryan Latham -3rd kyu

Tilly Hilton -2nd kyu

Megan Hilton -2nd kyu

Louise Smethurst -2nd kyu

Alex Talbot (Koshido Ryu) 2nd kyu


June 2017

Today our squad competed in the KKO open. As ever Everyone conducted themselves as I would expect and tried there best. Some new katas for people gave positive signs for the future and everyone got some more experience under their belt. Yet again the Kata rules were changed on the day which led to some last minute Kata changes just to give people a chance of scoring well, even though the scoring was a little varied let's say. Kumite refereeing was inconsistent but at this level outside the SKU'S own comps that's what you will get with inexperienced officials.

Thanks to Sensei Natasha and Sensei Garry for coaching, a hard task trying to spread yourselves around the mats

Special congratulations to:

Lucy Appleton - Bronze kumite

Hannah Lucas - Bronze kumite

David Highland - Bronze kumite

Mia Lucas - Silver Team kumite

Special mention to Mia who is currently in hospital with concussion. We send all our love. Get well soon x

Moulton Crow Festival!

July 2017

BRILLIANT day the Moulton Crow Festival! A great demo by the students & instructors at the club and had a quite a few new interests for people wanting to join! Very productive day!... I'm now very tired and very sun burnt and gotta be up early again for the club grading tomorrow! It's a busy weekend for Kenshin Ryu this weekend 👍☀️

Club Grading

July 2017

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading:

Rachel Keeble - 1st Kyu

Michael Forester - 7th Kyu

Robert Clarkson - 7th Kyu

Hannah Ross - 8th Kyu

Charlie Ross - 8th Kyu

Club Grading

September 2017

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading today:

Holly Ridyard - 9th kyu

James Evans - 9th kyu

Tom Rowley - 9th Kyu

Ellie Dunn - 8th kyu

Marieke Kruithof - 8th kyu

Joseph Smethurst - 5th kyu

Abbi Gleave-Mayers 4th Kyu

Lucy Appleton - 4th Kyu

Alexander Lyons - 4th Kyu

Oliver Lyons - 4th kyu

David Highland - 3rd kyu

Today's grading panel Sensei Dan Smethurst and Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews

Thanks to Ben Latham for calling.

All Styles Kata Championship

September 2017

Well done to Hannah , mia , Lucy and Abbi who competed in the All styles karate Alliance kata competition. Everyone performed to their best without exception and I was all very proud of you all.

Special congratulations to Abbi for achieving a silver medal.


September 2017


ADDRESS: Kingsley Community Centre, Smithy Lane, Kingsley, WA6 8ED

TIMES: Tuesday - Adults: 6pm-7pm / Children: 7pm-8pm


September 2017

Well done to Megan and Tilly and our adopted member for the day Alex. All competed very well and performed really good kata, just missing the cut by small margins which is just the way it goes sometimes. The girls team did well considering we had a very long wait due to the size of the . All in all a good days experience ready for Dundee next year.


October 2017


New Kenshin Ryu Instructors

October 2017

Congratulations to our new Sensei's....Sensei Hannah and Sensei Mia.. now newly qualified junior instructors with The Shukokai Karate Union est 1969. Presented tonight on behalf of Sensei Stan Knighton 9th Dan by our club Chief Instructor Sensei Dan Smethurst 5th Dan

Both have been through a structured training and assessment process to achieve this qualification...Well Done


October 2017

WELL DONE to everyone who competed in the SKU British open today. The team today consisted of :

Sensei Natasha ( coach)

Abbi Gleave- Mayers

Lucy Appleton

Tilly Hilton

Megan Hilton

Ryan Latham

Hannah Lucas

Everyone performed really well, again just missing the cut in kata by very small margins and equally with the kumite... loads more learning and experience ready for next year in Dundee. It's all about building blocks. Well done to Hannah Lucas for grabbing a bronze in kumite.

Congratulations to Sensei Garry Lucas who today qualified as an SKU judge.

Please up load and tag photos

As ever We are proud of every single one of you just for stepping on the Tatami.


October 2017

WELL DONE to everyone who competed in the SKU British open today. The team today consisted of :

Sensei Natasha ( coach)

Abbi Gleave- Mayers

Lucy Appleton

Tilly Hilton

Megan Hilton

Ryan Latham

Hannah Lucas

Everyone performed really well, again just missing the cut in kata by very small margins and equally with the kumite... loads more learning and experience ready for next year in Dundee. It's all about building blocks. Well done to Hannah Lucas for grabbing a bronze in kumite.

Congratulations to Sensei Garry Lucas who today qualified as an SKU judge.

Please up load and tag photos

As ever We are proud of every single one of you just for stepping on the Tatami.


November 2017

Congratulations to Garry Lucas ( 3rd Dan) and Mia Lucas (2nd Dan)

Club Grading

November 2017

Congratulations to everyone who graded today! 100% pass rate 

AKA Competition

November 2017

Congratulations to everyone who took part from the club in the AKA comp today .. really proud of every single one of you. WELL DONE ABBI!

Squad Training

December 2017

good effort from everyone.. just over 6 months to Dundee 2018

KKO Competition

January 2018

Well that was a long day 😊... As ever we are super proud of everyone who took part and supported the club today. Really good first outing of the year with a high level of competition around. Some people missing out on the cut on kata by 0.1 and 0.2. Some categories were massive and it’s a testament to your hard work so far that people ranked so highly in these sections. As ever there is always room for improvement and your results today should motivate you to work harder to find those fine details. The fighting performances were noticeable and We could really see that people had listened at squad.

As coaches we learnt a lot today about peoples performance and things we need to focus on ahead of Dundee.

Special congratulations to our teams coming home with 2 sets of silver medals , Will Winning a silver in a bloody contest, Abbi winning a bronze and Alexander winning a bronze also.

As I say every time We are proud of you just stepping on the tatami, anything else is a bonus.

Well done to you all and thanks to the support crew of parents

Today’s Dundee squad & mascot

February 2018

Today’s Dundee squad & mascot

Club Grading

February 2018

Congratulations to the everyone who passed their grading today! 100% pass rate! You all did yourselves proud! .... a special congratulations to Josh Miller who achieved the highest score of the day and also jumped a grade! ... well done everyone!

Sandbach SKU Area Course

March 2018

Brilliant turn out for the Sandbach area course from Kenshin Ryu... over 80 SKU members attended the course today that covered basics, syllabus kata , fighting and trials

Well done all 


March 2018

Members of Kenshin Ryu competed yesterday in the SKU National championships in Sheffield.

Every person gave it 100% and there were some outstanding performances across the board from both experienced competitors and new.

We won 20 medals in total!!!!!!!

6 gold 🥇

7 silver🥈

7 Bronze 🥉

Absolutely over the moon with EVERYONE who competed ... it takes guts to get out there on the tatami ...well done to all our new students too ... added bonus to come home with a medal .

Thank you to all the support squad of parents and partners as without you it wouldn’t be possible.

Kenshin Ryu’s 10th year is off with a bang

Club Grading

March 2018

Congratulations to the following students who passed their grading tonight. Superb performances topping off a superb week for Kenshin Ryu karate club.

Charlie entwistle ridgway - 9th kyu

Daniel Watkins - 9th kyu

Poppy Tucker - 9th kyu

Scarlett Tucker - 9th kyu

Tayler Donnelly - 9th kyu

Jake Easton - 8th kyu tab

Tomas Wright 8th kyu tab

Tilly axford - 8th kyu tab

Michael Gregson - 8th kyu tab

Will Adams - 8th kyu

Olivia Mannion - 8th kyu

Highest mark goes to Jake Easton.. well

Done 👍🏻

KKO Competition

April 2018

Really proud of everyone today ... top effort from everybody , best medal haul from that competition we have ever had ... thank you to all the support squad of parents.


June 2018

In June Kenshin Ryu took 15 club members to the WUKF world championships in Dundee. The week started with arrivals on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by registration. The competition started on Thursday with members in action on every single day. The instructor team of Senseis Dan, Natasha, Garry and Mia led from the front competing in a mixture of Kata and Kumite. Each member of the club committed themselves 110% with the majority earning top 15 world rankings in there categories, some as high as 4th!!!! which for the clubs 2nd world championships was a very proud moment. The atmosphere and spectacle of the opening ceremony clearly had a massive impact on the clubs competitors and that coupled with competing on the world stage has clearly inspired them for the future.  The army of supporters made up of parents and family did themselves proud and we look forward to the  2019 internationals. #Teamkenshinryu

NOC international championships

July 2018

Well done to everyone who competed today , as ever so proud of everyone who competed , special congratulations to those who won a medal in what was a very hard competition. Yet again very proud of you all 

Club Grading

July 2018

A MASSIVE Well Done to everyone for passing their grading today! You all did amazing!

We are Happy to announce that we are now members of the Shukokai Shito Ryu Karate Alliance (SSKA)

August 2018

In August 2018 Kenshin Ryu joined the established and successful SSKA. Alignment with this association provides our members with new opportunities to compete internationally and develop their karate to a new level. The SSKA maintain the values of traditional karate which are very important to the club and its members and we are very excited about the new opportunities that this will create for individual students and for Kenshin ryu.


August 2018

Brilliant first squad with the SSKA lead by Sensei Paul Graham .. thank you for making us feel so welcome... well done and thank you to everyone who attended from the club.. superb effort everyone

Club Grading

September 2018

Congratulations to everyone who was successful in passing their grading today!

Taylor Eves-Grierson 9th kyu ( highest mark)

Harvey Eves-Grierson 9th kyu

Michael Gregson 7th kyu

Tom Rowley 7th kyu

Tobias France 6th kyu

Rob Clarkson 5th kyu

Thomas Davenport 3rd kyu

Today was a top up grading for those who couldn’t grade before summer.

Next grading at the end of October so keep up the practice 

AKA Kata Competition

September 2018

Well done to our squad who entered the AKA Kata Competition! 

A massive well done to Abbi Gleave-Mayers & Mia Lucas who both got a bronze medal! 


October 2018


November 2018


November 2018

Congratulations Sensei Mia Lucas who achieved a bronze medal at the UWK Championships in Kata! 

Club Grading 

November 2018

Another 100% pass rate at our club grading! We had 15 students grading from white belt to 1st Kyu! 

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all who graded. 

Club Grading 

November 2018

Another 100% pass rate at our club grading! We had 15 students grading from white belt to 1st Kyu! 

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all who graded. 


November 2018

Congratulations Sensei Dan for achieving your 6th Dan ranking! 

An absolutely amazing achievement! 


December 2018


January 2019

First SSKA squad training of 2019! 


January 2019

Congratulations for Sensei Mia Lucas, Sensei Hannah Lucas and Abbi Gleave for medaling at the KKO Championships! 

Sensei Mia Lucas - Bronze - KATA

TEAM KUMITE - Sensei Mia, Sensei Hannah & Abbi - GOLD MEDAL! 

Also congratulations to all of our squad who competed at the KKO Championships, you all did extremely well and did the club proud! 


January 2019

The squad we took to the KKO Open Championships:

COACH - Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews

COACH - Sensei Garry Lucas












Club Grading

March 2019

Congratulations to all those who graded today!

100% pass rate AGAIN! 


Kenshin Ryu visit The CAT FM Radio Station

March 2019

Sensei Natasha-Paris and Clare visited The Cat Radio station to take part in there Sunday show. 

Sensei Natasha-Paris and Clare spoke on the radio about karate and the benefits of practicing Karate. We spoke about our clubs success in competitions and the up and coming competitions that our club will be attending! 

KENSHIN RYU achievement amazing success at the SSKA Open Kata Championships 

March 2019

Our students did extremely well in the SSKA Open Kata Championships! 

Our Club achieved a total of 13 medals at the competition! 

Gold medals - 1

Silver medals - 4

Bronze medals - 8

A massive well done to all students who took part in the SSKA Competition! 

KENSHIN RYU Success again at the AKA Open Kata Championships

April 2019

Kenshin Ryu attended the AKA Open Kata Championships on the 27th April. 

We took a squad of 6 students to the competition who all did really well in the competition with everyone coming in the top 6 in each category. 

Some of our students also achieved medals in the competition. 

Abbi - 2 x Silver & Bronze

Sensei Mia - Silver & Gold 

Sensei Hannah - Silver 

Jake - Silver 

Black Belt Grading SUCCESS!

May 2019

We had 9 students take part in the Dan Grading with the SSKA. 

The Dan Gradings are very hard tests that our students have to train long and hard for, our students have been training so hard so they dont just pass their grading but they pass it with the highest score that they can achieve. 

All of our students passed their Dan grade with amazing scores! We as a club are so proud of them!

1st Dan Students 

- David Highland (58 years old) 

- Abbi Gleave (14 years old) 

- James Asher (9 years old) 

- Ryan Latham (10 years old) 

- Oliver Lyons (13 years old) 

- Alexander Lyons (14 years old) 

- Lucy Appleton (13 years old)

2nd Dan Students

- Ben Latham (14 years old)

3rd Dan Students

- Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews (27 years old)

In Club Competition

May 2019

Fantastic evening at the in club kata comp tonight raising money for our World competition squad going to Bratislava in June.

Students from all Kenshin Ryu clubs performed katas from 9th kyu to world standard kata, presided over by Sensei Dan Smethurst 6th Dan, Sensei Natasha-Paris Matthews 3rd Dan and Sensei Garry Lucas 3rd Dan.

Thank you so much to everyone who came. Special thanks to Jane Axford and northern cast acrylics for the trophies. They were fantastic. Thanks to Louise , Rachel Gleave and Jim Axford for handling the table and running order.

Yet again so proud of the club and the ethos that runs through it.

Congratulations to the winning Team:

Team Hannah 

SSKA England Squad 

June 2019

Good luck to all members of the SSKA England squad competing in Bratislava this week at the 2019 World Championships.

Especially are own members , Sensei Garry, Sensei Hannah & Sensei Mia

Mia Lucas 3rd in the WORLD!!! 

June 2019


Competing at world class level at Bratislava in the World Championships she came 3rd! This is a massive achievement and we as a club are so proud of her! It has taken a lot of hard work and commitment but she has done it! 3rd in the WORLD!... Absolutely amazing! 

Club Grading

July 2019

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading tonight. Some superb and pleasantly surprising performances tonight. Shows hard Work pays off

NOC Competition

July 2019

Fantastic day at the NOC yesterday some seasoned competitors putting in superb performances, some returning and nailing it after 25 years away and some just getting on the mat and challenging themselves.

Super proud of everyone as always.

4 silver 🥈🥈🥈🥈

6 bronze 🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉

Thank you to everyone who supported the team and each other.

Congratulations to everyone who competed from the SSKA. Superb team performance 

Club Grading

September 2019

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading. Some superb performances. Well done everyone