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Kenshin Ryu Karate

Parent and Student Testimonials

It was a year ago this month that we seen the advert for Karate lessons in the village, having never taken part in any self defence classes but been on the wrong side of a bully growing up, I didn’t need to consider enrolling our 6 year old for very long.

Our first lesson - I don’t know who was more nervous Tilly or myself, but there was no need at all to have worried. The Club is fantastic and the sensei’s are very warm and welcoming.

First impressions were – a lovely club, the students all seemed happy and at ease whilst still showing great respect for their leaders.

We are a year on, and Tilly has competed in a few competitions, something neither myself or my husband would have thought she would do, but we now have a very confident 7 year old who takes everything in her stride, this is most definitely down to her karate, peers and sensei’s.

The club is like a family, if you are part of the club you are part of the family it is as simple as that.

We have never looked back, and looking forward – we don’t see life without Kenshin Ryu.

Jane & James Axford - Parents

Jane & James Axford - Parents

Like many parents, I sat and watched my daughter trainfor several months and eventually decided to join inrather than just watch. I had trained in Shotokan karate20 years previous and was a little apprehensive about my come back at first. Maybe I was a bit or even a lotslower and not quite so flexible as in my youth, but it really was like riding a bike and I was soon back into it – muscle memory is an amazing thing. After someShukokai re-alignment from Sensei Dan I have now been practicing for over 4 years - thoroughly enjoy it, as does my daughter. It’s an excellent distraction from your day job, helping to thrash out those occasional frustrations.

The club is friendly and well run – no egos. There is good mix of basic karate techniques and kumite to satisfy your grading requirements. This is mixed withsome invaluable (and extremely well taught I may add) self-defence work which improves confidence no end. This always proves to be a winner with kids and adults alike. Competition outside the club is available if that’s your thing, but there’s never any pressure to compete.

So what are the benefits? For me karate gives you a good mix of mental and physical challenge and actively promotes good balance, flexibility, posture and core-strength. It certainly keeps your mind and body ticking over. If I‘ve learned anything in last few years it’s that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Give it a go, you may like it.

Steve Drinkwater - Student & Parent

I started karate at Kenshin Ryu in 2009 with my young daughter, both of us as complete novices. Under the instruction and guidance of Sensei Dan Smethusrt we both progressed through the grading ranks and after four and a half years I attained by 1st Dan black belt. It has been a great sport to be involved in and on the journey we both competed in national competitions and attended national training courses and as a result we made many new friends while we enjoyed this sport together I would recommend any one thinking of giving karate a try to come along and join in a session at this traditional Shukokai Karate club.

Ian Arrowsmith - Student & Parent

My stepson and I joined the club 3 years ago. It has helped him so much with his confidence and self discipline and I have surprised myself with how far I have come as I initially just went to support him. Both Tash and Dan are passionate about what they do and are tremendously supportive and encouraging, creating a great family atmosphere in the club.

Tom Rowley - Student & Parent

I have been a member of Kenshin Ryu Karate club for just over 5 years and I began when I was 5 years old. In this time I have achieved so much that I am proud of in particular the many medals I have won competing at competitions, attending the Karate World championships in Dublin and Dundee where I came 4th and 7th in my kata category’s and gaining my 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of 10. I have made many good friends at the club and I look forward to training with them every week. My Sensei instructors are all amazing and I hope to be like them one day.

Tilly Axford - Student

Our son recently joined Kenshin Ryu. He is delighted with the tuition, dedication and team spirit of the club.

I would recommend Kenshin Ryu to anyone wishing to keep fit and learn a very useful martial art.

Many thanks Sensei Dan, Sensei Natasha & Sensei Gary.

L Davenport - Parent